Flight is underway: what to take on board.

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Flight is underway: what to take on board.
woman sleeping in an airplane

When there is only a flight left before the long-awaited vacation, it’s time to think about packing baggage, checked and carry-on. 

Whereas the checked baggage has its own way, the carry-on baggage is your rescue, pillar and…nice pastime. So what should you take out of your checked baggage and put into carry-on to feel comfortable on board? will help you figure out and find cheap flights.


It’s about not only passport, but also other documents – insurance, tickets, etc. Sometimes baggage is lost, and the documents you have on you will minimize emotional and material costs. Of course, you can put copies in the checked baggage. But it’s important that the original is at hand. 

Money and cards

The idea is the same as with documents. Even if your baggage is delayed or lost, the funds will be on you.

You will check in at the hotel and buy souvenirs without any problems.

But you should check in advance if it is needed to declare the amount of money you bring.


Leave the basic first-aid-kit in the checked baggage, and take headache pills, vasoconstrictive drops or nose spray on board.

But remember that drops are a liquid, and it is permitted to take no more than 100 ml per container.


A phone, tablet or laptop will help you enjoy flight. Don’t forget to take a power bank on board if your flight is long-distance or with a stopover.

Food and empty water bottle

Take an empty water bottle and ask an attendant to fill it when they start to offer passengers refreshing drinks. It helps to save money in the departure lounge and not suffer from thirst.

Long-distance flight, stopovers, small meals and wrong food are a fair reason to take a light snack. However, don’t take smoked chicken because you won’t open the window on board. Cake, rolls, cookies, chocolate, or fruits will save you though.

We advise to check your airline’s food restrictions.

Clothes, socks

Sometimes feet are swelling on the plane, and it is cold there to. That’s why comfortable clothes (if you couldn’t put it on earlier) and warm socks will be your lifeguards on board. These things will be especially timely if you are going to spend over 3 hours in the sky. You can also take disposable slippers that give you more comfort and you don’t need to carry it after flight. 

Wet wipes and hand antiseptic

It always better to have extra wipes. You don’t need to wash your hands in the toilet every time, and it doesn’t hurt to wipe down the tray table.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Different companies sell small travel packages – easy to carry and use. Toothpaste and brush that are always at hand, helping you to be always clean and fresh.  


Yes, don’t be surprised. It turns out very important to have a pen in your carry-on baggage. You will need it to fill in the migration card. Such a small thing will significantly save your time during airport formalities.

We are sure that every experienced traveler has their own must-be list. Let’s share it and help newbies in the sky.


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