Former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez Signs WWE Deal

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Former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez signs a WWE deal
Former UFC Champion signs a WWE deal

Two-time UFC Champion Cain Velasquez has reportedly signed a multi-year deal with WWE.

Wrestling fans were shocked and left in awe when Velasquez showed up at WWE’s premiere on Fox, interrupting ’s celebration after defeating Kofi Kingston to become the new WWE Champion.

Velasquez and Lesnar brawling
Velasquez and Lesnar brawling

The former UFC star’s entrance had sent an expression of apprehension to Lesnar’s face (Velasquez defeated Lesnar years ago in what was a stunning first-round knockout match). The two had engaged in a brawl briefly, with Lesnar retreating outside the ring.

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Lesnar and Velasquez will face off at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia
Lesnar and Velasquez will face off at WWE Crown Jewel in

Now, Velasquez had made his entry into the WWE official with the signing as he gets ready to face ‘The Beast’ (that’s Lesnar’s title) on the 31st of October, 2019 at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

It will be a contest to remember but the question that comes to mind is; can Velasquez conquer Lesnar for the second time? Guess we will have to wait till the last day of the month to find out.

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