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FOX TV’s #Empire Returns With Spring Premiere – Season 4 Episode 10

Empire Season 4 Episode 10 Download

has returned with the Spring premiere and all viewers are already the edge of their seats. The FOX TV drama left us at the fall finale with so much suspense when Lucious got in another fatal blow under the arrest of Claudia.
Nurse Claudia abruptly interrupted Andre’s confession to trying to kill Lucious.

While the Lyons family are still battling with Andre’s mental setback from the wreck Diana DuBois caused him, Lucious suddenly got missing and only Cookie can get on the rescue mission.

So we expecting at tonight’s premiere is the how Cookie and Thirsty would outwit Claudia and get Lucious out of her custody. And as for Andre, how will he get out of his mental condition. is involved in another gunshot bringing down, another trauma for him?


Empire Season 4 Episode 10 got a lot to reveal

DOWNLOAD EMPIRE Season 4 Episode 10 Birds In The Cage

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