Google Celebrates Nigeria’s 59th Independence

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Famous world’s search engine, Inc celebrates with a special doodle as the country celebrates its 59 years of independence.

Google had posted on its official twitter page the special doodle it had made with the Nigerian flag.

The Google doodle is popularly known to be used to mark special occasions and individuals around the world.  According to Wikipedia, it has been in use since 1988.

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The doodle has been used to celebrate historical figures and event all around the world displaying symbols to represent the event on its search page.

Nigeria,the most populous Africa nation became an independent country on October 1 1960.

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She has since then passed different phases of growth, from military rule to a democracy in 1999.

There has been several retweets of the doodle as Nigerians appreciate this gesture from Google. See some below;

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