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Guy Replies Nigerian Girl Who Called Him Out On Twitter For Dumping Her After $ex

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Recall a story about a Nigerian lady took to Twitter to reveal how her parents damaged her, and further called out her boyfriend who dumped her after eating all her mum’s chicken.

The Nigerian lady who admitted that she grew up in a religious family, disclosed that she always wanted freedom and got it when one Tunde, a man who supplies her mum with chicken feed made her feel comfortable.

Well, the boyfriend has come on twitter and posted his own side of the story. According to him, she was the one that insisted they should have sex, and he only broke up with her to save her.

The boyfriend who uses the twitter handle @vicrade wrote:

I Intentionally waited till this time to give my own account of the “Chicken Story” because I wanted to try other means to resolve the issue, but Ola has blocked me here on Twitter,

refused to pick my calls after hearing it was me and wouldn’t give my sister who stays near her Uncle’s place in I.B d chance 2 see her on my behalf.

I felt it’s best I make it an open letter 2 her, perhaps you would help me reach out to her.

I met Ola in 2013. I was 18yrs old at d time. It was the very year I lost my dad, and I was managing at my Uncle’s place in Osogbo. I stayed with him because I had no other person to stay with again after my dad’s demise (my mum haddied while I was 7).

My Uncle was into Chicken Feeds business, and we were the ones supplying Ola’s mum Chicken Feeds.

Wen I met Ola, she was ‘lost’ to this world entirely—always keeping to herself and always wearing depression like garment.

But she was so beautiful, and I think her smile when she managed to get teased was appealing. I moved closer to her because she seemed to be cut off from life, and I knew how something like that could be because I grew up all by myself.

When Ola and I talked most times, I was always the one to pay the role of d listener. She had many things to say; and damn it, d girl was facing a lot! She never got tired of pouring her mind out to me. Sometimes I felt lucky listening to her.

But it got 2 a time she was rili asking for it. She would say she wanted to feel like d other girls; “among”, to use her language. I remember her saying once “Tunde, b d man I envy in my friends”.

Having s*x with her at their place and later at mine was a personal mistake I regretted later. I was young at the time and I was not thinking straight perhaps. I didn’t know things would get on its head, and she get too attached to me.

When I noticed dat, I tried to put a stop to it—to stop us from damaging ourselves. God knows I couldn’t afford to impregnate her (not because I didn’t love her enf to do that, but becus I couldn’t fend for it) and God knows I wanted the best for her.

Wot I did later was to keep off from her. I wasn’t picking her calls for a week or more. But she wouldn’t give up!! She kept on calling and at some points I felt I was not being fair to her. She was all you could ever wanted in a woman, she had put a lot into the relationship,

and I kinda miss her 2 . And 4 dat, we mended our fences and started seeing each other again.

About d chicken side of the story, this is wot really happened. My Uncle and I had a fight about some money and I left his place. So I started putting up with a friend,

When Ola came again to my place, I broke up with her the hard way. It was not easy for me to be sincere, but I had to. I know this is the part that pains you, Ola, the most, but I guess I was only giving her the chance to find joy with her parents again.

Later on, I did my best to reach out to you, Ola, about that part of the story, but I heard you moved down to Ile-Ife to live with Granny. I tried to get your contacts from your sister, cuz the one I had wasn’t going through again, but all to no avail.

I never knew you’ve join Twitter, would have message you since to apologise. I am so sorry. And I am more sorry to have threatening you yesterday. I was only angry you put me on the media, which I hate. I had no idea the damage I caused you,

but I would love to make it up to you again. I feel like crying right now dear;and feel so DEPRESSED, hoping you will get in touch with me soon. I love you.���❤️❤️….. kindly help retweet till it gets to her ..Tnk U��