Wife of arrested billionaire kidnapper, Evans has shed more lights to the personality of her husband which according to her is not open to everyone. He is a very religious man who reads Psalm 23 every day, his wife Uchenna Onuamadike has said.

‘He Reads Psalm 23 Everyday… He Has Cancer’ - Kidnapper Evans’ Wife Reveals

In an interview with Vanguard, Uchenna said she didn’t suspect him because he led the family in prayers and attended church regularly.

She said, He reads Psalm 23 a lot. Even his phone, he sets alarm for 12 noon to read psalm 23. He took part in our daily prayers in the morning, evening and night. He used to lead us in prayers. We attend Anglican Church. He has never given them money to show off. We used to give N5000 or N10,000 and the highest we have given so far was N50,000 when we baptized one of our children.

She also claimed that her husband has cancer and does not drink or smoke.

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Most of the things I read about him are strange to me. As his wife, I should have seen the signs but I have not. He has cancer and does not drink alcohol nor smoke anything. I have never seen gun in our house.

I don’t know where they got those frightening guns. He has never told me he has another house at Igando. Any time he went out, he always called to ask after the children and reassure me that he would be back soon, she claimed.

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According to Uchenna, the suspect did not show off his wealth and didn’t give her a lot of money at any time.

They said he is rich but I have only N13, 000 in my Diamond bank account. He does not give me money. He told me he will be paying N40, 000 into my account every month but after two months, he stopped, claiming that he was penniless.

I have never seen him as a rich man. While with him, we made sure we had all we wanted to eat and that’s all. I can’t remember seeing any sign of affluence in him. He is not a proud man and he has been wearing one sandal and slippers for long now.

‘He Reads Psalm 23 Everyday… He Has Cancer’ - Kidnapper Evans’ Wife Reveals

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‘He Reads Psalm 23 Everyday… He Has Cancer’ - Kidnapper Evans’ Wife Reveals

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