Hong Kong App Taken Down By Apple Following China Warning

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Hong Kong App taken down by Apple
App taken down by

Tech giant Apple has removed a Hong Kong app after severe criticisms and warning from for its allowing protesters in Hong Kong access to Police tracking.

Apple’s move was made on Thursday, October 10 and comes as big brands like the NBA and its Houston Rockets franchise face pressure from communist authorities over support for democratic demonstrations in the financial community.

A protester being subdued by the Hong Kong Police
A protester being subdued by the Hong Kong Police

The app,, collates information on the locations of police put in by users and the Chinese media stated that it was aiding the rioters. The app is no longer available on Apple’s Hong Kong App Store.

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Protesters in Hong Kong
Protesters in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Police Force was once respected but is now the target of the mob’s anger as the people have given excessive violence on the part of the police as an instigating factor.  

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