Hong Kong Hit With Recession Amid Continued Protests

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The protests on Sunday
The protests on Sunday

Hong Kong is now facing a recession as a result of the anti-government protests that have gone on for 5 months.

The massive demonstrations reached a fever pitch during the weekend with protesters dressed in black and wearing masks setting shops on fire and throwing petrol bombs at on Sunday. The responded with teargas, water cannon, and rubber bullets.

TV footage showed the protesters setting fire to street barricades and at a station, a flaming metal barrel was rolled down a staircase to the police below.

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The police responds to the demonstrations

The police clashed with the protesters violently

The Sunday protest was against police brutality and to protect and Muslims. The police had last weekend fired water cannons at some people near a mosque and have also been injured in the clashes.

The Hong Kong police trying to control the situation

The police denied using violence in life-threatening situations and held a conference on Monday which didn’t go as planned as journalists began yelling at them.

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