How Can A Nigerian Student Make Money Online?

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Nigerian students

It’s no news that a lot of people in Nigeria are experiencing hard times due to the state of the economy. This impact is felt more by people who do not have the time or the capacity to join the labor force actively. In this situation, we’re not talking about little children or age people that are purely dependents.

We’re talking about able-bodied students who face the prospect of always lacking money because of the status of the economy. First, their income/pocket money is not set to increase because the salary of their parents or guardians remains the same.

Worse still, the value of their pocket money reduces daily because of the general rise in the price of goods and services. Basically, the dilemma of the student is to either leave school to start menial jobs or they’d have continued in school without money. Both prospects are not appealing, and it’s quite disheartening as this is the fate of millions of people who are still in the secondary school and university system.

The situation gets worse when you consider the high rate that’s plaguing the nation. According to reports gotten from the National Bureau of Statistics, has been on the rise in the country in the last 4 years and the situation does not seem to abate. Presently, the figure stands at 21 million unemployed Nigerians. This figure does not take new graduates into consideration as they would further increase the figure.

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With a bleak future awaiting fresh graduates, most students in University are finding new ways to make money. Unlike people partaking in advance fee frauds, there are several people making an honest living with the little resources at their disposal. Without having to raise huge capital that would be hard to source, most students now have the opportunity to earn income with the little they have.

Now that the world has become a global village and most people have access to a computer, smartphone, and stable internet connection. There are several legal opportunities students can make money from and one of them is providing services online by trading gift cards for cryptocurrency.

With the advent of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, the technology has created several opportunities for Nigerian students to make money from with just a laptop or mobile phone, a few thousand and data connection.

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges that are in the country right now where they can either sell iTunes gift cards, Gift cards in exchange for some bitcoin. This can be bought from one person at a lower price and resold to several Chinese buyers who are in need of this commodity at higher rates.

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You may be wondering which exchange you can meet these Chinese buyers. They can be found on the crypto exchange that came from Hong Kong, called CoinCola. They just launched their services here in Nigeria after dominating the Chinese crypto Industry. Now that they’ve set their eyes on Africa, they’ve brought with them a massive demand for one thing that most Nigerian students have in abundance, gift cards.

CoinCola OTC Crytocurrency Marketplace

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Coincola is basically tailor-made for the Nigerian populace. This is a great opportunity for most students to make money during their spare time in the comfort of their homes or school using their mobile device. Coincola is the best OTC gift card market place and all transactions are carried out in a safe and secure manner.

User details are protected, the same protection goes to both buyer and seller as Coincola has an escrow system in place that ensures that no one loses their investment during a trade. In a situation where you have to contact the customer care, they have people on standby 24/7 waiting to respond to whatever queries you have.

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On Coincola, they accept most forms of gift cards and you can trade your gift card for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of your choice. With the services Coincola offer, it’s no surprise they’re the best place to buy bitcoin in Nigeria.