How Jay-Z’s Insecurity Over Wife Beyonce Reportedly Made Him Throw Two Rappers Off Her Music Video

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Jay-Z reportedly had the two rappers thrown out over the revealing outfits Beyonce and her dancers wore
Jay-Z reportedly had the two rappers thrown out over the revealing outfits and her dancers wore

Rap legend and business mogul Jay-Z can be overprotective when it comes to his superstar wife, singer Beyonce.

A new report from Freshhiphopmag has revealed that the hip hop star is insecure around Beyonce, something that made him kick rappers and .

In a recent interview, Bun B alleged that Jay-Z had he and Slim Thug thrown out of the video shoot for Beyonce’s Check On It for no other reason other than the singer’s revealing wardrobe.

Rapper Bun B
Rapper Bun B
Slim Thug
Slim Thug

According to Bun B (whose wife was also present at the video shoot), Beyonce and her dancers were involved in a sensuous dance routine, and at a particular time, their raised legs revealed more than they may have intended, prompting Jay-Z to make a swift call to have the male artists removed from the place.

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Bun B’s words:

This is in New York. So we’re on the set and we’re filming the video, and if you look at the video, there’s a lot of kind of skimpy outfits. Queenie is there also, so it’s not like I’m there salivating over another woman. But we’re like, ‘Whoa, this is crazy. Beyoncé’s dancing in this short skirt and she’s dancing in like a bikini,’ type of thing, you know. While all of this was happening, I think this is the scene with the chair, so it’s like her and several other girls and they all have these short skirts on and they’re all dancing seductively on the chair.

They’ve got a leg up on the chair so you can kind of see some thigh and maybe a little bit of butt if you’re staring hard enough, and Jay-Z calls and talks to one of her assistants.

If I had to guess it would’ve been her cousin Angie that he would’ve talked to because Angie has always been a right hand to Beyoncé. He’s like, ‘Yeah how’s the video going, what’s going good, are the guys there?’ All the guys that are with us are the only men there. Well, let me say this: there were other men there, but they weren’t straight. So they immediately come over to us and they kick all of us out to our dressing rooms and we’re told to stay there until we have to shoot. We’re not allowed to watch Beyoncé dance anymore”

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