How Kidnappers Forced Me Into Sleeping With My Brother – Lady

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Lady shares details of how kidnappers forced her elder brother to sleep with her
Lady shares details of how kidnappers forced her elder brother to sleep with her

A 20-year-old girl in Ebonyi State named Chioma Dioke has disclosed how kidnapped made her elder brother have sexual intercourse with her.

The ordeal began when Chioma, her brother, and another victim were kidnapped on their way to Onunwafor, Ezzagu in Ebonyi State. They were held hostage for five days before the police rescued them.

They had been involved in a business in which the people of the community invested money and received high amounts as their returns.

However, the owner of the investment business allegedly absconded with the payments made by those involved. This was something that Chioma and her brother knew nothing about.

Reacting in anger, the youths abducted Chioma and her colleagues, holding them hostage in the bush.

While talking about the sordid encounter, Chioma said the boys repeatedly raped her while others used their hands, rods, and sticks to penetrate her private part.

After they finished molesting me, they said my elder brother must have sex with me. They carried my brother, beat him up thoroughly, and ordered him to start having sex with me.

My brother told them that it was against our culture. They insisted that he must do it and pointed a gun at his head. My brother had no option than to have sex with me.”

The police eventually learned about the kidnapping and stormed the forest. The ensuing confrontation led to the death of two persons and the victims were rescued.

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