How My Dad And His Secretary Plotted And Killed My Mom So They Could Get Married

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Aggrieved woman shares touching story of how her Dad and his Secretary may have killed her mum just so two of them could get married.

See her story:

My mom, a gentle woman to the core was found dead In her room according to what I heard from my dad. I heard she died when I was 7 years old. Before she died my dad had a female secretary who is now my step mother.

Before my mum died I noticed series of beatings which my dad gave my mom because she had noticed his infidelity in the marriage.

Presently, I am married to a man who loves me and wants the best for me. Everyone in the family calls me daddy’s pet but I hate the name but I just don’t have a choice than to answer.

While I was growing up my step mother who was formerly my dad secretary moved into our house 5 days after my mom’s death. She was nice at the beginning but later she grew worse. She always punished me even without any wrongdoing.

One day she asked me to follow her to the market which I did, we had an accident that day and I had memory loss due to that accident and so I forgot so many things. It been 27 years already and am having nightmares where I see my step mother giving my mother overdose and suffocating her to death.

Not only do I have those dreams but I also do see an accident scene where she intentionally tried to kill me.

My memories are back now. But I don’t have evidence to support it aside from the dreams. I want to believe my dad is aware about her acts but she has taken him captive with a particular secret which I can’t seem to understand.

I need vengeance but don’t know how to go about it.

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