How Pablo Ayodeji Played Himself On Twitter Nigeria

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Pablo Ayodeji on Twitter

This is what happens when you don’t learn how to keep your idiosyncrasies off the social media. Twitter Nigeria bursted out on one yesterday, March 30 on what seemed like the worst humiliation ever.

So it happened that went out on a date with a girl he met on twitter. Perhaps the date didn’t go down well with Ayodeji, he then returned to Twitter throwing shades at the lady and calling her out as broke.

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And the savage moment:

As to how she got his account number, the puzzle became resolved after we dug into his twitter to discover he once begged for money on Twitter revealing his account details.

He also came back today to confess how he resisted the temptation to commit suicide by staying up above the waging tongues.

Airtel Nigeria consoles him

And others tweeps applaud his courage:

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