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How To Check NYSC Senate List 2018

Senate Approved List 2018

How To Check NYSC Senate List 2018
NYSC, Corps members

National Youth Service Corps has made the NYSC Senate List available to prospective corps members of the 2018 batch ‘A’. Find out how you can check it and learn a few facts about NYSC. How to check NYSC 2018 Senate List In case you have missed it, according to CurrentSchoolNews, prospective corps members from the 2018 batch ‘A’ can now check Senate-approved mobilisation list on the NYSC website.

Now, to be honest, we do not really know why you might need any directions for checking the Senate List. There is probably nothing easier than checking the list of NYSC online. That said, here is your step-by-step guide:

Click here to go to the website where you can check the Senate Lists.

How to check senate approved list NYSC 2018

In the drop-down list, choose your educational institution. There are a lot of them, so be extra attentive so as not to scroll past your university/college/polytechnic/etc.

Below, write your matriculation number.
After that, fill in the blank with your surname.
The last step is to select your date of birth from the drop-down lists.
After you have filled the form and checked whether the information you put in was correct, click ‘Search’.


That is all there is to it!

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