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Huh? Nigerian Duped Of N410K By A White Guy!

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<p>Huh? Nigerian Duped Of N410K By A White Guy!</p>

A Nigerian guy has narrated how a white man duped him of N410K and we don’t want to buy that ’cause it’s an insult based on our reputation…lol!

Read story below:

Actually its a very very long story but to cut it short, I reside in kano state so on this faithful day before the MMM freezen of mavro i was matched to PH of 300k which i pledged. So on that morning the person i was to pay called me and i told him that i was going to make the payment that day, later on i took my bath and headed straight away for the bank with my atm card, i could only get 100k from the atm machine with my card, so i decided to enter the bank to tell them i wanted to make a withdrawal of more than 100k, they told me since i have no withdrawal slip i’ll have to go to their main branch so i can use the atm express.

I came out of the bank and wanted to take keke-napep to first bank head branch at Lagos street, opposite CBN of nigeria, for those who stay in kano and can relate, so this keke guy with a white guy seated at the back stopped and i told him where i was going but he said he’ll have to drop the white guy before taking me to my destination. So i agreed since its almost the same road, on getting to Beirut road(place where phones and laptops are been sold) where the white guy wanted to drop, so i came down so the white guy could come down because keke napeps in kano uses only one entrance. So when the white guy came down, dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out 7pieces of Ten dollar notes giving the keke guy just one, so as he wanted to cross the road, the keke guy asked me to call him that he might be a stranger that just arrived and maybe hasnt changed his dollars to naira, so he definitely needs help.

I agreed with him and called back the white guy, so i asked him who he was, and why hasnt he changed his dollars. He said his name was David, and he was a South Korean but he grew up in switzerland where his dad works as a security officer at Swiss World Bank. And that his dad owns 2 cargo ships which he controls,and with which they sail peoples goods to different countries, so he just arrived Nigeria with some goods he brought with him(laptops,iphones,refrigerators,generators,etc) and that he has a customer who stays in kano by name Binta, and that the last time he brought goods to nigeria, this Hajiya Binta bought all the goods but she was owing him balance of 3000dollars, and she promised to pay him whenever he brings another goods to nigeria, so now he has brought the goods and he needs 2700 dollars to pay custom for their duty fee but due to he dont have such amount on him that moment so he asked the custom officer to bring him and the goods down to kano state that he has a customer who was owing him 3000dollars, so after the collection that he’ll settle them and continue his transactions with this Binta.

Meanwhile he has lost the Binta’s phone number but the chief custom officer told him that he has an elder brother who stays in kano, so he could help him locate this Binta of a person, but when they arrived kano and was taken to the house of the custom elder brother, He said the man cant speak english so they couldnt conversate easily, and he was trying to tell him that his visa was going to expire in a week time, so he needs to hurry up and leave the country in three or four days time.

But the man was so dumb, after the custom officers left to return the next day for their money, so him hoping that the Binta was a popular person and could be easily located went in search for her that day but all to no avail, so he slept in a hotel where a nigerian prostitute made away with his briefcase which consist of his gold wrist watch and 1600dollars with some other documents, so waking up this morning he couldnt find the girl that helped him take his brief case upstairs and slept with him, but that wasnt his problem as he needs to locate this Binta so he could settle with the custom officers, finish his transactions and go back to his country, and that the 1st bike(keke napep) he took, that the guy collected 50dollars from him, i and the keke guy felt pity for him, so we decided to help.

<p>Huh? Nigerian Duped Of N410K By A White Guy!</p>

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<p>Huh? Nigerian Duped Of N410K By A White Guy!</p>

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