Iceland Qualifies! The Smallest Nation Ever In World Cup History

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Iceland qualifies for World Cup

* , population 334,000, become the smallest nation ever to qualify for the – and the only one with fewer than 1m people.

* About 0.1% of all Icelandic men aged 22-34 will be going to the World Cup in Russia next summer. As part of the squad.

It would be all celebrations in Iceland, as this is the first time ever they would compete in the FIFA world cup despite Iceland having a very small population of a little over three hundred and thirty thousand(330,000) citizens to choose from barring the fact that men of ages 17-38 hardly represents an eight of their population.

They did seal their qualification as they beat Kosovo by two goals to nothing, thereby shocking group heavy favourites Croatia and condemning them to the euro play-off, leaving the likes of Croatians in people of Real Madrid’s Luka Modric, Juventus Mandzukic, Rakitic of Barcelona to mention but a few in dismay.

This would not be the first time Gylfi Sigurdsson’s Iceland has pulled a shock as they did so in the 2016 UEFA euros by beating England to reach quarter finals.

All we Nigerians can hope is not encountering the small nation as they can be the nightmare of any team.

All we can say is welcome Iceland! We hope you guys have a good campaign. Welcome, Iceland!



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