Ike Ekweremadu To Dump PDP For APC

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Ike Ekweremadu

Deputy Senate President, , is reportedly plotting to defect from his the () to the ().

Ekweremadu has allegedly been meeting with top members of the APC to ensure smooth defection to the party.

reports that a source claimed the deputy senate president is unhappy with the way his party has been treating him since the defection of Senate President from APC.

The source said:

“He was aggrieved about the way he has been treated since Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, defected to the PDP. “Ekweremadu was not happy with the way he was used and dumped by the PDP.

“What is, however, unclear is the position the APC will give him upon defection.”

A chieftain of the APC from the South East had earlier said:

“Look at the way they treated Ekweramadu. When all of them left, Ekweramadu remained to fight for the survival of this party.

How many of them would have resisted the temptation not to defect in the face of the intimidation, harassment, prosecution and persecution meted out on him.

“As a person, he had nothing to lose if he had defected then. In fact, he had everything to gain. He probably would have been the senate president because he was offered the slot.

Then, when you people now return, you feel that people who had helped this party to survive, did not matter, again, simply because you got a presidential ticket.

Also, even Saraki knows that if the DSP had not been loyal, they would have gotten at him (Saraki), long ago.

“All the trials Ekweramadu was put through were all because of Saraki. But, when it was the turn of Saraki to be there for him, he failed him and as we speak, how many days is this after the primary. Atiku is yet to call DSP.

You don’t treat a man who has been taking bullets on you people’s behalf like that. Well, I wish them and PDP well, but, they should know that action begets reaction and they will pay the price for this mistreatment of people, who laboured for the party during the toughest time.

And, if Ekweramadu leaves, we will hold these people responsible.”

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