Indian Airline Becomes First In The World To Use A Robot

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Air India

Air India, India’s official carrier, on Tuesday became the first in the world to use a Taxibot on its A-320 aircraft with passengers on board.

A Taxibot is a robot that is used by the aircraft tractor for taxiing an aircraft from the parking bay area to the runway, and vice-versa.

A working taxibot

The achievement was announced by All India Radio, a state-run broadcaster, which said Air India Chairman and Managing Director, , stated that it was the first usage on any Airbus aircraft worldwide. Taxibots will be used for departing flights only.

India is an under-developed country and the recent feat could set it on the path to economic rejuvenation and hopefully develop the country more. However, the news seemingly confirms the theory of robots gradually playing prominent roles in the world; something that conspiracy theorists would frown upon as they believe that the man-made machines could one day take over the world.

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