Investor BJ Rivals With Hushpuppi, Flaunts Gucci

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Investor BJ

Another influential Yahoo boy, Investor BJ who was praised by 9ice in the song titled Living Things is now a rival to the Gucci Master, Hushpuppi.

The song, LIVING THINGS is seen as the glorification of fraud as 9ice used the Yahoo boys code “Chache” while he reeled out names of guys with unknown source of income.

The new Gucci master, Investor BJ, was seen walking into a Gucci store and then storming out with loads of Gucci materials.

Malaysian-based Investor BJ poses with his bags of Gucci to gain recognition online as this style of posing with Gucci materials was copied from Hushpuppi.

Investor BJ Yahoo Boy

It seems the fame enjoyed by Hushpuppi is beginning to make the other Malaysian boys green with envy.

It is in this light that Investor BJ dropped a shade on Instagram claiming he is the only recognized Gucci man in Malaysia.

He claims he doesn’t go to shops to test clothes and snap pictures, he simply buys them.

The big time question is, Can this make Hushpuppi green with envy?


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