iPhone XR Suffers A Bad Review With 326 ppi Resolution

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iPhone XR Review

About a week ago, launched out with the new iPhone X series on September 12 and the XR is one a lot of users will not be pleased with.

The new iPhone XR is being compared to the iPhone 4 as they share the same 326 ppi. The is something that should not have been included in a product that is meant to be premium. I mean for a device that will sell for $750 in 2018!

iPhone XR Review ppi compared with iPhone 4_
iPhone XR (left) and iPhone 4 (right) both having the same 326 ppi resolution

The question is why would iPhone go back to wayback as June 24, 2010, when the iPhone 4 was launched to reintroduced a 326ppi resolution? In an environment where we have alternatives and all apps are becoming to take much resolution like Netflix, YouTube and some game apps. Isn’t it frustrating that you won’t be able to toggle your YouTube video display to 1080p on the iPhone XR?

Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 (released 2013) with 5inch, 1080p display and a 441 ppi. That’s like 5 years ago, yet, every successive release by Samsung has maintained nothing less than that.

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Samsung Galaxy S4

The problem we have with the iPhone XR is the inability of Apple to separate premium products from discounted ones. The XR isn’t a complete ruin but what upgrade will it be to spend more money on the iPhone XR with so many out there that cost less than $300.

So another question you would like to ask Apple is what it would cost to have a higher resolution on the iPhone XR. The candid truth is that it won’t cost much. Apple doesn’t just want you to have it. They might have felt they giving you and you might want to think they know best. If you feel 326ppi is cool, no problem. But why would the same Apple have higher resolution in

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At this digital age, we count on tech firms to push out the best technology in their releases but when a highly placed Apple decides to hold product value back to create some sort of price discrepancies to suit their market – just not ideal! Should we say Apple is confused or lacks understanding of its own market?

Get it straight! The moral of this review is that the ppi of 2010 iPhone 4 is equivalent to the 2018 iPhone XR, when actually there more pixel display out there with lesser money

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