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Iran, Iraq Struck By Severe Earthquake Leaving Over 1,000 Dead And Injured

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A very strong earhquake shook the Iran-Iraq border yesterday, resulting to more than 140 deaths and 860 injuries in the mountainous region of Iran alone, according to state media there.

Baghdad government remained silent on the issue for some time before issuing a statement following the issue.

The 7.3-magnitude quake was centered 19 miles (31 kilometers) outside the eastern Iraqi city of Halabja, according to the most recent measurements from the U.S. Geological Survey. It struck at a depth of 23.2 kilometers (14.4 miles), a shallow depth that can have broader damage. Magnitude 7 earthquakes on their own are capable of widespread, heavy damage.

The earthquake went as far west of the Mediterranean coast. It massive destruction took place in Iran’s western Kermenshah province, which is sighted in the Zagros Mountains that separate Iran and Iraq. It is said that the residers in the area live mainly on farming.

News agencies and Iranian social media displayed images and video of people running away from their homes at night. 50 more have been victimised.

Iranian news agency disclosed the high rate of casualties early this Monday morning and revealed that rescue mission continued through out the night and will go on during the day time.


Iranian state TV following the event that played out reported not less than 6 deaths inside Iraq and more than 50 sustaining injuries in Sulaymaniyah province and about 150 in the city of Khanaquin.

Olumide Anifowose

Olumide Anifowose

A graduate of Anthropology, University of Cape Coast.

Olumide Anifowose

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