Is Don Moen Dead Or Not? Here Is The Truth

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Is Don Moen Dead

The news is fast-spreading that American Gospel singer, Don Moen is dead. However, the pastor and evangelist not too long took to Twitter to share a photo of himself, father, son and grandons – as a big picture of four generations.

One thing that is still not clear; who updated the post above?

It’s obvious the whole news was a hoax! the website, Houston Chronicle TV that broke the news had quoted President Donald Trump and Bishop T.D. Jakes as paying tribute to the gospel artist and worship leader. As a matter of fact, they could be honouring his deeds as a preacher.

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  1. Pst. Akanji, Adeyemi T Reply

    Satan with one of his numerous, usual pranks.Don Moen isn’t dead, He can’t die now; no, not now!

  2. Dominic Adogah Reply

    He is hale and healthy and hearty. I just did my confirmations. My shout out goes to fellow believers out there. Dominic Adogah (Nigeria)

  3. men like Dom Moen can’t die just like that. It’s just not possible. He is going to live many many more years.

  4. Gillian Mutesi Reply

    No not now,it’s impossible.We serve a God who took the keys of death and hell and therefore can’t be associated with death.

  5. The true of the matter is Dom Moen can never die…. Stayed strong baba I hail you… Live long

  6. May God punish the devil again for saying that The Don is dead. Don Moen can’t die just now, in short death has forgotten him.

  7. Don Moen is human, and God can take him at anytime. So everyone claiming he can’t die now, don’t be so harsh on yourselves, you don’t hold his life. Just take the truth, if he’s alive, thank God. If God has taken him, you can’t do anything. Don’t be to spiritual for nothing.


    Certainly Don Moen is more than alive! The devil sent men of his kingdom to spread that propaganda, but as always, light will triumph over darkness. We need men like Don Moen to preserve this fast decaying world. “Thank You Jesus that Your son is still alive to glorify you via more songs, albums, concerts, messages, podcasts, playing of instruments, etc. IJN.” The devil and his cohorts can rot in hell!

  9. Don Moen is immortal for thirty more years. Because his will hit gospel songs

  10. Miracle Alexander Reply

    Daddy i blive u r stil alive. stay strong nd healthy mentor!

  11. Father preserve don Moen for us,we need him here ,even if he died, may the power that brought Lazarus back bring him back ijmn

  12. Adisa Oluwafemi Reply

    Please let’s always confirm properly before breaking news about men of God, especially this kind of dangerous and sensitive news thank you.

  13. Don Moen can’t die now, I still have in mind to meet him someday. live long Don!

  14. God is sovereign .he can take his servant anytime he Wills. If Moen is dead to God be the glory ,though we will have love him to still ne with US for many more years.However as believers in Christ we shall meet together in glory and praise master Jesus forever.AMEN

  15. I pray that the lord God will not allow premature death/unfinished mission & purpose in d life of his chosen

  16. Don moen can never die he should be up to the age of his father cos he still have a lot of things to fulfil here on earth

  17. ABIGAIL BOLA Reply

    We do not have to curse anyone but this proves that this great man of God-Don Moen will live longer to see his children’s children and fulfill the call of God upon his life

  18. Don moen can’t die now,God please not now our young generation needs him.

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