It’s A War Against Nigerian Scammers

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There is no doubt that over 50% out of the population of youths in Nigeria with an age range of 15 – 40 are into scamming business (YAHOO – YAHOO) now recognized as (SASHE’) a Yoruba slang.

According to a report carried out by me and other sources, visiting and relaxing in local areas, I found out and concluded that 80% of these scammers are still in a tertiary institution – Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges.

Universities in Nigeria are producing full-time scammers with a first class degree, YES! As the number of scammers tends to increase faster than the records of registered birth in Nigeria, see how our country is turning into a scamming world.

This act as seeming very sinful and unlawful is destroying the good image of Nigeria as a country? Yes, you should know that!

WHY and HOW is it destroying the image of Nigeria?

Are you into scamming business? Or you’re still a learner? Either way, you want to know why the business you are into is destroying the image of Nigeria.

Most foreigners do not trust Nigerians any longer, simply because they thought we might dupe them of their hard earned money.
Entrepreneurs who are Nigerians do not find it easier again to secure a foreign job.
Freelancers are not given the job they bid for at the slightest moment the Company or Client they pitched found out they are from Nigeria.

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The number of foreign individuals who visit our tourist centers has depreciated by 45% simply because, Nigerian Universities are producing first class scammers who work for industries and as this habit tends to show in them, thereby increasing their urge to scam foreigners who they think might be affluent.

HOW Then Scamming Business Does Affects Nigeria?
As earlier mentioned, it has given the country a very bad image which has in some ways scared away foreign investors, from doing business in our country, having in mind the mentality of Nigerians being scammers.

Another effect of scamming in Nigeria is that it diminishes entrepreneurial drive, which in turn affects the country’s economy.

Imagine a country where youths lack the drive to start up business ventures, create employment and job opportunities, think up ideas and work towards making it successful and profitable businesses.
Now imagine how devastating the effect will be in the country. Without any iota of doubt, it is crystal clear that scamming being a lucrative business, to the average Nigerian youth has blinded them from seeing the benefit of being entrepreneurs and risk takers.

Economists have in the past, and even till now described entrepreneurship as being the backbone and driving force of any growing economy. It is therefore high time the Nigerian youths realized this and take actions towards building the country’s economy rather than destroying it through scamming.
Highlighting a problem and lamenting on it is of no use, hence the need to take a step further by proffering workable solutions is the best.

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First and foremost, I’ll say being a blogger is a choice and you should consider starting a blog. Then you would probably be saying in your mind that why should you be a blogger? The answer is as simple as A, B, and C due to the fact that you know and have read about what others does not know and what they’re looking for is at your fingertip. Proffering solutions to their problem can lead you to be a lasting online coach with a bitter success story.

Also, an old adage says “To cut down a huge tree, you start from the roots”. What do I mean, relating to the subject of my discussion? You might ask, I am simply talking about proper sensitization of the young and upcoming generation of the menace of scamming and its effects on both individuals who engage in the act and on the nation at large. The government, private organizations, and individuals need to carry out a school to school awareness program to let students know the truth about scamming and also its effects.

Conclusively, it is no story that scammers exhaust a lot of data and this has been going on for thousands of day. Come to think of it when you exhaust your data subscription on promoting someone’s brand for a fee or you grow your socials with it. The likes of 9jawishes and Lusurgy on Twitter generates a monthly revenue of N80,000 doing a sponsored post for different brands. Being a Vlogger also is an alternative to Social Media Marketing. What do I mean as Vlogger; this is another name for bloggers but this time around, Vlogger’s only published videos on YouTube. How then can you earn from YouTube? You can make a living uploading funny videos, tutorials or anything that seems fit to be uploaded that people would love to watch and then, you monetize each video you upload. Starting from that level will encourage you to go an extra mile and you’ll start referring people to dive into Vlogging.

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Let us come together and eradicate scamming in our society!