Jogodo: Danfo Drivers Angry At Tekno For Stealing Their Song

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Danfo Drivers Jogodo

Veteran Ajegunle street-pop singers, have finally listened to Tekno’s recent song, Jogodo and they are quite displeased that the he didn’t take permission from them before reproducing the track.

The duo of Mad Melon and Mountain Black revealed at the during an interview that it was really disheartening for them to see that has used “their song” “Jogodo”, which was a hit during the early 2000s.

But according to them, what is mostly painful is the fact that no credit whatsoever was given to the or permission taken from them.

He went on to state that the only reason this happened was because they weren’t in Lagos but now that they’re back, Tekno should be ready for him.

In his words;

“Tekno dey owe us money o… Tekno dey make us vex and if I catch am e no go like me… you just come dey carry pessin song dey go dey sing… God save am because we no dey Lagos, now set we don enter Lagos, na because of Tekno we don come here… if I catch am…”

To Danfo Drivers, Tekno should’ve told them what they wanted to do with their song and collaborated with them to achieve it rather than just going ahead to do so without a permission from them or any royalty to them.

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The question now is, should Danfo Drivers the artiste that should be angry with Tekno or Prof Linkin? The song, Jogodo was released in 2005 by an Ajegunle music act Professor Linkin with the chorus, “Me I don Jogodo o, Me I don Jogodo, ewo, I don Jogodo, ma je ki iya mi mo”


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These words and the melody are very different from Tekno’s “Jogodo” with the similarity found in just the word “Jogodo”. That can’t be said for Danfo Driver’s “Kpolongo” because with this song, Tekno took the beat and melody but swapped the name for Jodogo.

While searching for the song, we were surprised to find out that the title of Danfo Drivers and Tekno’s songs are different but then again, the Duo are not talking about the title, they’re all about the recreation of their song but with another name entirely and that for them is a no-no.

Tekno seemed to have been trying out a form of musical hybridity on this one, swapping names and sound from one artiste to another, guess he didn’t know the song will come out this great and he probably didn’t know he’ll release it just as he didn’t know he’ll promote the song for them to see and people to even enjoy, but what we wish he had known better was to have met with the artistes involved and reach an agreement with them because we wouldn’t be surprised if Professor Linkin shows up to demand his own royalty.

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