#JusticeForUwa: How 22-yr-old Student Was Brutalized, Gang-raped In A Church Building

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Uwa girl that was brutalized and raped in a church

Uwa, a 22-year-old first-year Micro-biology student of the University of Benin, has died after being gang-raped and assaulted brutally inside a church building.

Uwa was said to be a member of one of the branches of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). She was known to always read in this church before and even after getting admission in the University of Benin, Benin city.

Unfortunately, Uwa took the church keys from the key-keeper to read in the church as usual. The church security came to take the key from the key-keeper to lock up the church when he was informed that Uwa was inside reading.

Meanwhile, Uwa was being tied up and gang-raped and afterward was hit with a fire extinguisher which knocked her unconscious and made her to lose a lot of blood.

Justice for Uwa

After the security man came into the church premises, he found Uwa lying lifeless and losing blood. He ran to the key-keepers house and informed them. They all went to the church and found her lying unconscious thinking she was dead. She tried and raised up her hands and she was rushed to a hospital after then she was moved to UBTH (University of Benin Teaching Hospital).

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Her parents were earlier informed and later went to lodge a complaint to the police. As said, her father made a complaint of assault but being afraid and shocked her mother couldn’t even write as all she could do was cry.

Sadly, Uwa died the next morning in the hospital.

The women leader of the church also narrated her part of the story and what she thinks about this situation.

The media may start saying she dressed indecently, she wasn’t supposed to be there.

Uwa was well-cultured and brought up in a good home. For a girl to always been seen reading in “a church”, for a girl to have always been “dressing decently” and good behavior. She was inside a church, where else is safer than the church of God?.

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Still raped and beaten up?, Are we living with beasts?, She screamed and cried still they raped her by turns inside a church?.

This is bad! and the says there’s no evidence?. They left fingerprints, semen, and so on. Unfortunately, we’re way backward. And this incident is coming up shortly after a 12-year-old girl was gang-raped by 11 men, boy and a sixteen (16) year old girl was being shot dead by different happy trigger .

Some concerned citizens of Nigeria living in Benin city are organizing a peaceful protest against the rape and assault of Uwa tagged “JusticeforUwa” at 9 am, Monday 1st June, Ring Road, Benin city.

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