Khafi’s Team Issues Press Release In Response To The Sun UK’s “Slandering” Post

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Khafi on The SUN UK Newspaper cover

Following a publication by TheSUN UK about Kareem, a housemate and Police Constable in Scotland Police Force, her team has issued a press statement demand a retraction and apology from the UK tabloid.

In a post via Instagram,

The attention of Khafi’s management has been drawn to a publication by The Sun UK  of Tuesday, August 13, 2019, titled “LOIN OF DUTY Met Police ‘poster girl’ faces sack for ‘having sex’ on Nigerian Big Brother after being told not to take part”. This brazenly sensational and defamatory outburst by The Sun UK is written in poor taste without considering the ethics of journalism which seeks balance and objectivity.

At NO time did The Sun UK send a mail of inquiry to Khafi’s official email which is blasted across her platforms under active management to confirm or refute the claims in the publication.
Khafi’s side of the story is deliberately and conveniently omitted to sell a pre-conceived narrative while responses from “outraged colleagues” and “other papers” riddle the publication.
This comes from a repressive culture of shaming and characterizing women for their sexual decisions and life choices.

We find The Sun UK’s publication repulsive and damaging to the image and livelihood of our client.
Khafi is a proud black female police officer who prides herself in her work and has dedicated her youthful years protecting and serving with her many skills which include the ability to speak at least five international languages.

We demand an immediate retraction of the publication by The Sun UK and a public apology to our client Khafilat Kareem within the next 48 hours.

Legal options are also being considered at this time.

Thank you.


Khafi has been involved in a romance with Big Brother Naija housemate, who is from Port Harcourt in , Southern Nigerian. The pair have been caught on camera romping on three different occasions. To many, it’s become a habit for them while others won’t stop talking about it.

The social media had also gone awry with different reactions to the “sex thing” going on between Khafi and Gedoni.

Some comments on the social media frowned at Khafi’s sexual indulgence.

Anita on Instagram said: As a Nurse, I know its in our Ethics not to be a part of any modelling, adverts, reality tv shows etc that has nothing to do with lifting the profession. As a police officer, I think they have their own code of conduct too on or off duty, even if u wanted to participate, it is ur duty to put up your best behaviour having in mind you are a career person. How can the likes of Tasha and Mercy hold their sexual urge, and the number 1 person who started with prayers, who quotes the bible, claims to see vision, calls the name of God most, be the first person to start having incessant sex on national tv. This goes to show that most churchgoers/Christians lack principle/discipline. We only remember God when we need something. I like Khafi but truth be told she didn’t do well.

Another Adewoye Abraham expressed his disappointment: Truth is bitter, I like Khafi so much but I was disappointed in her attitude for messing up in public by having sex with Porthacourt heartless boy who knows nothing about true love. She fails to realize that she is a career woman and a role model to many. I live in a modern world as well so I understand her feelings but ought to control her feelings in front of the camera. Gedoni is a player who never deserves a pretty kind heart of my lovely sister Khafilat. Anyway, good luck to her.

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