King Monada – Malwedhe

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“Malwedhe” by South African indigenous pop act, is the song that’s generating buzz at the moment with the new collapse dance that has accompanied its release.

The song actually has a deep meaning for anyone that could understand the language or get the translation. It actually comes with a health warning as King Monada expresses that if anyone tries to break his heart, they will only be bringing back a far away illness.


Quotable Lyrics:

Makwela Makwela Monada!!!
Nna rena le malwedhe ( I have a sickness)
Geo okhe Jola lenna, ( if you are dating me)
Okhe raloke kago Nhlala ( Don’t play with breaking up with me)
Nna rena le malwedhe ( I have a sickness)
Wa nhlala odho tsosa Malwedhe ale khole ( if you break up with me, you will bring up hidden sickness from far)
Kena Le Bolwedhe bja go idibala ( I have a sickness of collapsing)
Wa nhlala kea idibala ( If you break up with me, i collapse)

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  1. Here in Nigeria, fainting is all we do for a living for the past couple of days and counting up until Christmas probably and beyond
    A lot of people have finally seen a dance we can easily do
    Idibala on repeat everywhere
    it was a great song and the challenge just makes it more fun
    Great work King Monada

  2. Here in Tanzania we faint each time we hear this song 😀 the song is all over this song has turn to our national anthem congrats king monada u kill it bro🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Praise Geoffrey Reply

    Here in Nigeria we faint too much fainting is our hobby Lolx a friend almost broke neck sef

  4. This song is very bam, though I don’t understand the language but the melody is cool… Nice one king monada

  5. Onyeka Chibueze Reply

    Nice song , cool post, good website…. Keep up the good work!

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