Lonart Manufacturers Denounces “Lonart App”, Reveals How To Detect Fake

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Lonart Manufacturers Denounces "Lonart App", Reveals How To detect Fake

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited, manufacturers of anti-malaria drugs, Lonart has made a solid move against “Lonart App” dissociating their company as the brain behind it.

In a press statement release by the drugs company, the air was cleared:

Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited has always been at the forefront in the fight against fake and counterfeit medicines in Nigeria. In fact we were one of the first pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria to sign on to the new anti-counterfeiting technology introduced by NAFDAC in 2011 with our flagship anti-malaria; Lonart. 

The process is simple; buy the drug from a Pharmacy, scratch the panel to reveal a set of unique numbers then send the unique numbers to a shortcode and await a response. In the event of a ‘fake do not use’ response the SMS has outlined the steps to take to ensure the information gets to the government agency saddled with the responsibility of handling such issues when they arise. 

It is also important to note that there is no App known as Lonart App, it simply does not exist. The only platform empowered to give information on the unique set of numbers is Sproxil Inc the company that provides the service. 

This is a public service announcement from Greenlife Pharmaceuticals ‘the vanguard of healthy living’.

Signed, Management