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‘Look At Her Now’ Video: Selena Gomez Exudes Confidence

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Look At Her Now

Song by  
Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick
Album: SG3 
Released: 24 October 2019 

Selena Gomez isn’t relenting in her efforts as the petite singer has just dropped the visuals for her fast-paced, danceable pop song Look At Her Now.

The video opens with her donning a futuristic outfit before cutting to what seems to be the interior of a dome, where she is surrounded by female dancers and as the song begins to play, we can’t help but lose ourselves in the flawless production.

The impressive choreography is spiced up with robotic dance steps thrown in at intervals and Gomez looks stunning.

The song starts out tackling the thrilling moments of the initial stage of a relationship; “Shiny till it wasn’t” shows when the sour moments start to set in and “It was her first real lover/His too till he had another” indicates that the male cheated.

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Look At Her Now deals with recovery from heartbreak and maybe referring to Gomez’s past relationship with fellow singer Justin Bieber as he recently admitted to being abusive in his relationships. Gomez must have had a bitter experience and this must have inspired her lyrics.

Of course she was sad/But now she’s glad she dodged a bullet” couldn’t make it any clearer that she averted what may have been disastrous by coming out of the relationship, with the lines “But look at her now/Watch her go” revealing she has healed; she was down but she is back on her feet.

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The vibe that the song brings shows how creative Selena Gomez is as a music artist, talking about something serious while presenting it in a way that will make one have a good time listening and dancing to it.

She knows she’ll find love/Only if she wants it” hints at the fact that Gomez’s current status of being single is her own choice and that love will find her if and when she’s ready for it. Now, that is inspiring confidence at its best!

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