A suspected kidnapper, identified as one Charles Ibeleme yesterday confessed that hardship forced him to attempt to kidnap a 9-year old boy in exchange for a bag of rice as reward around Olowu Street in Mushin Lagos.

According to reports gathered from residents of Mushin over foiled attempt by the kidnaper to abduct the boy and were about to apply jungle justice on him when police officers from Olosan police station saved him.


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Eyewitness accounts have it that the boy, whose name is being kept secret, was sent to buy sachet water, popularly called pure water when the suspect appeared from nowhere and allegedly hypnotized him.

According to a source in the area, the boy in question is our tenant, who was sent to buy pure water and while on his way hypnotized by Ibeleme, where the boy was following the kidnapper like a zombie.

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“Meanwhile, the person who sent him on an errand sighted him when the stranger accosted him. He became curious when the boy passed where he was supposed to buy the water and ran after the suspect.

“When he asked the stranger what he was doing with the boy, he claimed he was his brother.

“At that moment, the boy came back to his senses and said he did not know him. A mob descended on him, during which he admitted to be a kidnapper.

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Man Caught Trying To Exchange His Child For A Bag Of Rice

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Man Caught Trying To Exchange His Child For A Bag Of Rice

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