Man Dumps His 4 Kids At Agege LGA With Note ‘I Can’t Feed Them Cos Of Hardship’

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A man has reportedly abandoned his four (4) children at the Agege Local Government “AREA A-MATERNITY OFFICE” handing over a short note to them requesting that the Local Government Authority should carter for them because he can no longer fend for the poor children due to economic hardship.

On the short note, the father also said his wife who is the mother of the children left him and abandoned the the children.

It took the timely intervention of the AGEGE local government Executive Chairman Hon. Ganiyu Kola Egunjobi (pictured below) and other council workers to rescue the innocent children.They have been taken to a nearby police station for custody and proper care.

The Chairman was emotional when he saw the children and wandered why parents would do this to their children. He has asked that proper care be given to them pending the time the police will complete their investigation and engage the parents.