Man In UK Goes From Unobserved To Overnight Wonder (See Why)

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A houseless man went from being “unnoticed” to an overnight phenomenon after he began designing and selling cotton bags in Birmingham.

has managed to sell more than 200 of his hand-drawn bags in the city, with his sudden success taking him somewhat by surprise.

Mr. World said his life is transformed after his bags – for which he only asks a “donation from the heart” – became an unexpected hit.

Each bag is uniquely designed, featuring puns. There is no fixed fee charged for the artwork but Kevin says on average people pay about £3 for a bag. Life on the streets has not been easy for him, as he suffers from depression and anxiety.

But since starting to draw less than a year ago, it has helped him cope. He decided to combine the need to save on plastic bags and help the environment with his artistic skills.

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Mr. World said: “For years I’ve been putting on a mask and smiling but there’s been a lot of tears behind that mask, now drawing is helping me interact with people.

“It passes the time away because a lot of people walk past and you do feel pretty invisible.”

His bag selling business is called The Bag Issue, a pun on The Big Issue magazine which is also sold by street vendors.

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