Meet Emeka Nelson, Inventor of Generator That Runs On Water

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Emeka Nelso invents hydro-powered generator

Emeka Nelson may be on the verge of worldwide popularity as he has been credited with the invention of a portable hydroelectric generator.

In a video shared on , the young man demonstrates how a liter of water powers a house with electronic appliances for 6 hours.

Emeka Nelson’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there. The 26-year old has also created a machine that converts waste into petrol and diesel. The device can also transform waste into tiles and roofing sheets.

The greatest things in life started from a little beginning.This is Mgbanwe C12a(an Improved design of C12).Designed…

Geplaatst door Emeka Nelson op Woensdag 31 oktober 2018

The invention is named Mgbanwe C12 by Nelson, who expressed his thanks to the team that helped him in putting the machine together.

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Emeka Nelson is a graduate of the National Metallurgical Training Institute and has started a fundraising campaign on .

In an economy that has left many of the youth destitute, it is truly inspiring to see the young ones like Emeka Nelson making something of themselves rather than succumbing to a life of crime prevalent in our society.

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His journey to major scientific has apparently just begun.

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