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The Missing Story Behind G Worldwide – Kiss Daniel Saga

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RealKingKelvin writes:

Kiss Daniel new picture

After listening to “No Do”, a song released by yesterday, I saw in it a beautiful blood rush that got me thinking, “How on earth did he end up with entertainment?” Because I must confess, “Kiss is just too good”.

I practically scored all the notes in “Yeba” thinking that is the best he would ever give us, then here he is again with “No Do” which I would eminently say is something I found captivating, thrilling, gratifying, mollifying and in fact enrapturing but the question still remains, “How on earth did he end up with G Worldwide entertainment?” Truth is, Kiss Daniel must have been so naive and fame-thirst, believing that all he needed was the record label to put him all out, not considering the damage it would have caused him.

However, the sad thing is that, G worldwide did not bring Kiss Daniel onboard, he brought them onboard, or rather, let me say they used him as a step to climbing onboard. I checked their website and they claimed that G worldwide was founded in 2007 but started promoting musical talents in 2011 but was reformed in 2013 and signed Kiss Daniel as its first recording/performing artist in 2014.

The new question is, “who knew G worldwide before Kiss Daniel?” “G worldwide” was only a mere name. They certainly did not want him to have a smell of what other artist were enjoying, so they blocked his view totally, they made some of them see him as a proud fellow, they made him a shadow and untouchable breeze.

When you see a record label suing an artist who leaves, there is a high tendency that the artist is giving them a lot more than they should be getting and they know his good bye can end their world. This is not just about Kiss Daniel, there are several artist out there been used by their record label. Remember, the slave shall be free one day!

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