Mother Abandons New Born As Doctor Confirms He’s HIV Positive

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At this modern age when everything seems to be in total control under the advancement of science and technology, how would someone give up on their child simply because he is HIV positive? Well, that is not ours to judge.

As shared by Facebook user, Cecilia James:

Just finished doing Omugwu for our new baby (an interesting experience) wish we could find the mother of this child and support her with funds to start a business and take care of her child, I’m sure she will be better off than going back into the streets.

Doctors just confirmed the Child is HIV positive, the more reason the mother should be found to avoid spreading of this no ailment disease. HIV is no longer a death sentence.

Please if you know someone who had a baby yesterday in Benin and didn’t come home with the child, pls tell her to come and carry her child and some money to start her life again afresh and financially free.

Abandoning the child is not the best option for both of them.

Please help share and let’s find her.

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