Mother’s Day 2018: An Ode To All Mothers

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Mothers Day 2018

It’s Mother’s Day 2018, even when we know more are still coming the same year. Mothers are interesting. They are key pieces to life. They are the glue that holds families together. They are the building blocks that lay down the foundations.

They are the rules because they make the rules. “Don’t stand up on my couch.” “Don’t run or horse-play in the house.” “Wash your hands before you eat.” Because of their worth, Mother’s Day had to be created. It is only right to thank them and reflect on how much of a difference that mothers have made in various lives. For my mom, I decided to dedicate an ode to you.

“Poems like this you can’t directly explain
Why a mother like you always reign
You do so much and hardly complain
I hate see your Mother’s Day so original and plain
So in the future just take a trip to Spain

If I could I would write you a book
Or create a painting without a look
You asked for a special ingredient for you to cook
Gave you two choices: my love or a hook
And my love is what you took

Votes against my maturity wouldn’t cast
I grew up on you so fast
That you still treat me like the past
I’m sorry the baby boy in me isn’t vast
But my love for you will always last

Every day I’m wiser as you can see
You helped me flow smooth like the sea
And fly freely like a bird and a bee
Times may be hard so just let me be
But no matter what never stop loving me

Now that your baby boy has grown up, too
I became less dependent on you
But caring for me is all you know to do
You remind me to never bite off more than I can chew
So Happy Mother’s Day; I will always love you”

Mom, you are an extraordinary superhero.
Your heart is always set on helping someone
You bend over backwards to help other mothers raise their children
You become a mother to the motherless
Honestly, I used to be jealous when I saw other kids getting your attention
Now, I am thankful that they were able to receive and witness the love of wonderful mother like you.

“Sometimes words can be broken
Even for someone who is outspoken
Especially in times when people haven’t spoken
So let these words be the voice of the unspoken
And let this poem be your token

We didn’t really understand each other years ago
So our connection was growing slow
You kept trying to go with the flow
In the end you made my days sparkle and glow
Now you can have the spotlight to my show

A mother like you is ultra rare
Because you treat me with all your care
When heaven’s lights shine with a flare
You’re just like a prayer
So I want you to take me there

We all know that life goes on
But without you my life is gone
You’re sweet like a pie made with pecan
I need you like the pillow I sleep upon
So as my life progress you won’t be withdrawn

When times get hard you don’t look down or the other way
I admire how you spend time to kneel and pray
You’re more amazing than a Shakespeare play
If I could I would award you with a bouquet
So thanks again for everything and Happy Mother’s Day”

CREDIT Ode: The Odyssey Online Photo: @SimretZeru on Twitter


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