Moyo Lawal: Actress Says She Never Attempted Suicide

Moyo Lawal, Nollywood actress has taken to Instagram to make us understand her ‘welcome back post’, which she has gone viral with an assumption of attempted suicide shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

According to her, things were blown out of proportion and she will never try killing herself.

Below is the note she shared on her Instagram handle:

My cloudy days are definitely behind me now thanks to all of you.

like because of all of you, I have absolutely no choice to be happy, but the wait as I told you that God has been really good to me and my support system is different shades of amazing, my family, friends turned family, friends who have remained as friends, fans turned friends are everything.

It’s just well, I got really numb for a bit and I don’t dare tell you people what triggered the “blackness and hopelessness” anymore because ya all are just gonna stone me, so we are just gonna let that pass, yes …thank you.
Looking back now ,I find it highly ridiculous how I let such a little thing weigh me down so much, because it still shocks me that God Almighty has blessed me so much that I can actually live my life accordingly to my own rules like small short bow-legged, one kind looking me although( Baba God please answer my call oooh)”

I am still awaiting that “Hollywood magic and money” and my “Kanye” But otherwise, I can’t complain.

P.s. Thank you all so much for the love, because honestly, a number of people that have reached out me despite having their own problems are whew too sweet.

May the Almighty meet each and every one of you in your hour of need.

So many people have reached out to me, talking about their experiences and I will really love that to continue, so pls feel free to reach out to me, I will love to listen and hopefully make things better.

I didn’t and will never attempt to kill myself, you all watch too many movies although I did think and want it to happen. ML

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