News Changes Name To – See Why

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Popular online news platform, has changed its name to

This change was made known on the platform’s website.

The Managing director of Media Limited, Goke Olaegbe, opines that the new name will depict the main idea of the company’s work.

According to a statement on the platform, the name upgrade became necessary as a result of the similarity of names with some other platforms.

The statement reads:

Inaccurate and fake news often confuse Internet users, which can lead to terrible consequences. The primary goal of has always been to protect the audience from hoaxes, so the new name represents this general idea in the best way. Integrity is among our values, so we double check all the facts before publishing and avoid using misleading or clickbait headlines.

A video was also posted on the platform explaining the reason for the upgrade.

Why changed to

Reaching out to one of the digital strategists at (now, TalkGlitz was able to confirm that the news outfit couldn’t hold a full control over the Naij/Naija brand and they had to evolve with a new brand name. It’d be recalled that they transited from to about two years ago following the misconception most readers have about visiting

Moving to still didn’t resolve the brand name issue as they had to put up with other news sites that sprung up with names like, Thus, team after several days and nights of brainstorming, deemed it fit that total rebranding is what would put a lasting solution to their brand identity and that birthed

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