Neymar Stays At PSG After Transfer Saga

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is out of options, out of time and has been forced to stay at PSG.

The former star has been eyeing a return to Camp Nou, and Barcelona and PSG have been in negotiations for some time over various packages that include players, players on loan and a hefty fee to go along with it.

Neymar left Barcelona for PSG in a world-record $245 million purchase just two years ago, but his Parisian adventure has not gone as planned, and he’s been yearning for a Barcelona reunion.

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The problem is the exorbitant price which PSG was demanding. It was not about to let its superstar go on the cheap, not with multiple years left on his contract, and it held firm on its demands. Barcelona, after signing from earlier in the summer, didn’t have a real need for Neymar, and it didn’t help that PSG’s chief targets to secure in return–most notably Ousmane Dembele–didn’t want to go, not even on loan.

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PSG and Barcelona kicked the tires on just about all options over the last few weeks according to various reports and just haven’t been able to find an agreement.

Neymar will be staying put–at least until the winter when this saga will likely be fired up again

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