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NF – When I Grow Up

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When I Grow Up

Song by 
Produced by NF & Tommee Profitt
Album: The Search
Released: 27 June 2019

“When I Grow Up” is the third single off of NF’s 2019 album The Search.

On the track, NF shares when growing up, he aspired to be a rapper, rather than go to college or work a nine-to-five job. He also shares his motivation from doubters growing up who motivated him as an artist.

The music video was released with the release of the track, NF plays the role of many ordinary jobs including a janitor, a trashman, and a fast food worker, then finishes the video off with him pursuing his career of being a rapper.

Quotable Lyrics:

When I grow up, I just want to pay my bills
Rappin’ about the way I feel (Oh, yeah)
I just want to make a couple mil’
Leave it to the fam in the will (Oh, yeah)
I just want to sign a record deal
Maybe buy a house up in the hills (Oh, yeah)
Might not be the best in my field
But I guarantee that I’ma die real
When I grow up

NF – When I Grow Up mp3



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