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Nicki Minaj – Ganja Burns

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Here is “Ganja Burns”, another top track from the album by .

Produced by J. Reid of Chevi Music, Nicki Minaj really shot at some horizons in “Ganja Burns”.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yo, you can’t wear Nicki wig and then be Nicki
That’s like a fat nigga thinkin’ he can be Biggie
One rough ride, now you DMX and Swizzy
One hot video, you Hype? Nah, you just giddy
You made one dope beat, now you Kanye?
You got a nigga named JAY, now you ‘Yoncé?
You got about three stacks, now you André?
You put a part in your fade, yeah you Nas, bae
You gotta have real skill, gotta work for that
If it’s really your passion, would you give the world for that?
Unlike a lot of these hoes whether wack or lit
At least I can say I wrote every rap I spit
Put my blood, sweat and tears in perfectin’ my craft
Still every team’s number one pick in the draft
You could bring anybody, weatherman, pick a day
I’m Kobe, KD, Kyrie! Pick a K
Ganja burn, ganja burn, ganja burn (yeah) (2x)
Everytime I get high, I just think about you (4x)
Ganja burn, ganja burn, ganja burn (yeah) (2x)

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