Nicki Minaj Retires – The End Of An Era

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The greatest female rapper of all time decides to hang up the mic for family and it throws lots of hip hop fans all over the world into a gloomy state.

She blew up with the likes of Drake, Jcole, Kendrick Lamar and she gave them a run for their money. She fused the Barbie and hardcore style so perfectly she won the elusive Grammy award 10 times and every album she made went platinum

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Having announced recently that she is dropping her fifth album this comes as a shocker but the Barbie queen has been know for stiring up controversy. In my opinion starting a family is a major move but it hasn’t stop artists from performing or doing what they do. Cardi made “invasion of privacy” while being pregnant, Beyoncé performed at several shows during and after she was pregnant with blue ivy. Which begs the question “will there be a comeback”.

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On our end we hope the decision is reversed because hiphop will be losing one of its greats to a long maternity leave.





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