Nigerian Social Media Gang Up Against Falz Over Moral Preaching

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So it happened that Nigerian hip hop singer, Folarin Falana popularly known as The Bahd Guy in his recent interview with Hip TV condemned artists’ that promote fraud with their music. Without any reference, was certainly referring to artists that praise in the songs. The likes of , and rest.

However, the Nigerian social media took it from another wing to criticized Falz.

Read reactions:

Some petty followers even took to his page to drop na$ty comments on his photo:

Another wild reaction was seen on popular Instagram kid comedian, Segun Wire. Certainly not written by the 9-year-old, perhaps one of his sponsors penned down the response

In an Instagram post, Obviously not written by the 9-year-old, Segun ripped into the Lawyer turned Singer.. and it’s not funny.

He wrote:

You know not the struggle !! So why speak ill of it please, how many futures have the yahoo boys destroyed abeg! Shebi na judge they collect bribe for back even before court case and so na senior advocates never destroy futures ?? !! You speak of SOFT WORK ….only GOD knows your own definition of SOFT WORk and why is nobody coming out to judge you for that term SOFT WORK person talk CHACHE you dey complain shey na your lappy them they use

….Because you are privileged to shine with MUSIC and not the witty occupation called LAW full of lies and deceit …Let’s take us back to the foreign music we listen to most of the musicians over there speak of drugs and ammunition just to tell the tale of their experiences but there wasn’t any foolish advocate or whatsoever

…MIND you every artist in this country is entitled to the kind of message they want to pass out there to their fans …so why complain bitterly out of ignorance …if you so want to help , first of remove the BHAD GUY in your name as it portrays a bad example to the young ones and please MR man avoid tapping ass In all your videos with those half naked girls !!!

Check your self properly before throwing shades at anybody!! Many are out there unprivileged, unlike you born with a silver spoon from a better school in Nigeria to schooling abroad !! While the poor masses are out here hawking pure water just to send their kids to school and yet they are still been harassed by law makers like your self ..

MY GUY the beautiful ones are not yet born as the country is full of corruption…even your PAPA gather do corruption if na lie ….make we investigate !!

Many awesome Yahoo boys and kind hearted artist are at least using those money to open foundations programs and helping the poor masses !!

They are the new generation ROBIN HOOD !! Stealing from the rich to feed the poor …at least BABA they don do something ……instead make you mind your state you they use media take they feed your hungry self with Pep talk …shebi na your mate send small boy go school still they build house for him parents ….how many people have you helped ?? BABA AMVCA with no lens

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