Nigerian Student Stabs Fellow Student To Death Over Lunch Box In India

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Nigerian Student Stabs Fellow Student Over Lunch Box In India

Nigerian male student, Morado has reported allegedly stabbed to by a fellow Nigerian in Hennur, East Bengaluru, on Sunday 3rd of November.

According to the police, the 39-years-old victim was killed at his residence in Janakiram Layout, by his friend Samuel, 30, a BBA student with KNS College, near Hebbal.

Bengaluru police narrated the incident saying that Morado, who was without a job, was miffed with Samuel for leaving behind his tiffin box at a food joint on Saturday afternoon.

The police also added that Morado was frustrated for staying for a long time which is believed to have contributed to him being short-tempered.

“Samuel and Morado were partying at a common friend’s house in Hennur from Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, Samuel took Morado’s lunch box to buy chicken from Africans’ Kitchen, a food joint in Hennur. However, Samuel forgot the lunch box at the joint and got the chicken wrapped in an aluminum foil. Seeing his lunch box missing, Morado, who was in an inebriated state, abused and slapped Samuel. Others intervened and pacified them,”

“Samuel couldn’t forget the insult. Armed with a kitchen knife, he rode back to Morado’s residence in Janakiram Layout at 3am and knocked on the door. Without opening the door, Morado asked Samuel why he’d come. Samuel is said to have asked Morado to apologise for having slapped him,”

“Morado then opened the door. Samuel stormed in and stabbed Morado on his chest and stomach,”

“Some of the neighbours alerted the us of the commotion but Morado had died by the time we arrived at the spot.”

“Samuel was from the place of crime in Morado’s residence after which he later confessed the incident on inquiry,”Police

A thorough investigation and verification of statements are now underway.

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