Nintendo Direct: What We’ve Learnt So Far From The September 2018 Release

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Nintendo Direct September 2018

Nintendo had delayed the latest Nintendo Direct until further notice following the earthquake that rocked ’s northernmost island Hokkaido

It didn’t take them too long to reschedule: The company bounced back on Sept. 13 with a pre-Tokyo Game Show presentation full of reveals.

While we had a few ideas on what we might get out of this latest batch of updates, there were still plenty of surprise announcements for both Switch and 3DS. Super Mario Bros., Luigi’s Mansion 3, the latest in the long-running Katamari series, with a handful of other games and peripheral news piling up out of the event.

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Also, Nintendo revealed a back catalogue of classic Final Fantasy titles — not just FF 12 but also 7, 9 and 10. There was also news on new hardware and updates to fan favorite games that should please anyone out there who’s invested in the immediate future of Nintendo.

And then there was that painful Animal Crossing tease. But it was only a tease.

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