Nnamdi Kanu Is A Tyrant And Dictator – Former IPOB Lawyer Bellows

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A Nigerian lawyer, Jideobi has raised an alarm that ‘s younger brother is after his life for expressing his view that Anambra State Governorship election must hold. The lawyer who once acted for the IPOB Leader in a Facebook post described Nnamdi Kanu as a tyrant leader.

Read post below:

It is no longer news that MR. NNAMDI KANU gave a directive that nobody should participate in further elections throughout the Igboland starting from Anambra November 2017 Governorship election.
It is equally no longer news that I have publicly, on this platform and many more others, denounced the said directive for lacking, both in wide consultation and being grossly uninformed and irrational [an opinion that is solely mine which I have the unquestionable right to hold and propagate].

Anambrarians are very intelligent and not gullible people and I restate my overwhelming confidence that the directive of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu [an Abia State indigene] on our election cannot be heeded by the highly cerebral and exceptionally industrious sons and daughters of our beloved State acclaimed as the “Light of the Nation”. The reason is simple: Nnamdi Kanu has no LEGITIMATE interest in whatever becomes the outcome of that exercise.

Following this publication, the foot soldiers of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu have started harassing my phone with all manner of THREATS to my life. Interestingly, the first salvo was fired by Prince Kanu (popularly known as Fineboy, Nnamdi Kanu’s junior brother with this phone number: 08030405675). He guaranteed me that I would not be safe anywhere I find myself for daring to challenge Nnamdi Kanu. His THREAT to my life [ which I am not surprised anyway] has been well noted and is being taken care of.

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The sole purpose of this press release is not about the very fact of the threats. It is directed at demonstrating how tyrannical, dictatorial and intolerant the supposed leaders of the would-be-Biafra nation would administer the affairs of the state if handed over to them. Definitely, Biafra under these elements would not be a DEMOCRATIC state.

It is going to be a FASCIST state where the “KING” does no wrong and no one dares challenge him. A state where the citizens cannot ask the leaders how they run the state, a state where the citizens cannot call their leaders to account, a state where citizens will be in perpetual fear of the King who must never be opposed but adored and worshiped, a state where all the dissenting voices must be crushed, a state that abhors plurality of reasoning and alternate thinking.

That approximates to a state where the conduct of government business would be shrouded in utmost secrecy away from the uninitiated, it approximates to a state where the state officials would be riding roughshod on human rights of citizens without remedy, it equates a state where the fate of the nation would be perching on the cliff of the arbitrary exercise/indulgence of executive whims and caprices. If the Biafra the Igbos are struggling for is of this abhorrent and odious kind, I do not pray for such a day to come. That means the blatant impunity, inequity, mind-boggling wickedness and awful lawlessness that characterise our experiences in Nigeria today would multiply in thousand folds instead of ABATING in the proposed Biafra nation.

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My Dear Brothers and Sister, I hereby challenge Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his associates to put online [in a down-loadable form within 48 hours from now] the PROTOTYPE/MODEL of the Constitution they envisage for the would-be-Biafra nation for all Biafrans to begin deliberation on. The type of governance structure, where the Capital of the new state would be located, the type of Legislature, the hierarchy of courts, the qualification/criteria of leaders and proposed institutions of state that would drive the business of governance in the proposed new state.

Their inability to respond to this challenge would clearly reveal that the drivers of this bus have no known destination. Is is clearly a journey into anarchy, avoidable fratricidal wars, and at best a journey into the unknown. No sane man joins the bandwagon on this sort of journey. We should begin to interrogate the direction, essence and route of this all-important journey.

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Until relevant answers are promptly volunteered to this SALIENT posers, I stand for November, 2017 Anambra election. My state has been blessed with wonderful leaders ever since the era of Dr. Chris Ngige, OON [Onwa]. Anambrarians have always made these excellent choices. No one man [not to talk of a man from another state] has what it takes to stop Anambrarians from defining their future and expanding the frontiers of excellence for which we are known. I rest my case.


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