OduNews.com, A Reliable Source For Nigerian News Online

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Nigerian Newspaper Online
Nigerian Newspaper Online

You might be stuck on where to get Nigerian news online with a reliable source, ponder no more as we introduce to you OduNews.com, an online newspaper for latest Naija news Politics News and Entertainment News.

Quick facts about OduNews.com

There are a few things you need to know about this website,

  • First, it’s owned and managed by Odu Maverick Media Publishing, a registered media publishing company in Nigeria
  • Second, OduNews.com boasts of well-trained journalists in the key areas of Politics and Entertainment.
  • On a final note, OduNews.com ranks among the most visited news website in Nigeria with over two million monthly visitors.
  • The platform kicked off operations on November 1, 2019
NIgeria news online
NIgeria news online

OduNews.com is one of the Online Newspapers in Nigeria striving to maintain decency in journalism and striking the balance.

Why OduNews.com is a reliable online news platform?

The platform shoot to the top as one of the best Nigerian News Website within the shortest space of time. This accrues to the intense work by its reporters and journalist who are professionals in their respective fields.

OduNews.com is now a household platform for Nigerian Politics News and Nigerian Entertainment News as they update BREAKING NEWS in Nigeria as it happens without any delay.

OduNews.com is rated as a reliable source for Nigerian news and fact checks also confirmed it.

Naija News
Naija News

The news platform is confirmed as one of the Nigerian dailies that come with real-time news updates. Nigerian news headlines are always on the leaderboard of OduNews.com

OduNews.com also aggregates News across the world  and News in Africa and on special occasions, report investigative news.


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