Pastor Kumuyi Of Deeper Life Publishes Yoruba Bible

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Pastor W. F. Kumuyi says he has started using the new bible
Pastor W. F. Kumuyi says he has started using the new bible

Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has produced a Yoruba Bible concordance called Bibeli Mimo Atoka.

Punch reports that the popular clergyman published the bible with the support of a team of Yoruba scholars in what reportedly took them 15 years to achieve the feat.

The Bibeli Mimo Atoka was published by the Bible Society of Nigeria, and according to a broadcast by the church, is “one of the most reliable and readable Bibles” for personal study and teaching.

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The church said in a statement:

Bibeli Mimo Atoka offers the most literally accurate translation from the original while keeping the integrity of the Bible.

This new version takes care of changes that have occurred over time in the meaning of some expressions found in ancient Yoruba and makes the Bible more comprehensible and relevant to today’s readers.”

Pastor Kumuyi also stated that the Bible was specially prepared, adding that “it is true to the original with cross-references.” He said he has started using it and urged Christian leaders and ministers to get theirs.

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It is believed that the new Bible will be part of Pastor Kumuyi’s legacy.

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