Pastor Says The Poorest Person That Has Christ Is Richer Than Dangote, Lady Reacts

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Kifo Mungu and Dangote

A lady has shared how she hysterically walked out of a service in her mom’s Church after the pastor made a statement that didn’t go so well with her.

She said during the service, the pastor stated that the poorest person in the Church is far better than the billionaire, Aliko Dangote, as long as the poor person has Christ.

Looks like Kifo Mungu doesn’t understand the context of the pastor’s statement as she wrote:

In the middle of service, my mother’s pastor said “Do you know the poorest person here is better than Dangote because we possess Jesus whose value is immeasurable”, and I laughed and laughed and carried my bag and fled that toxic environment. What kind of demonic delusion is that? There has to be a line.

Kifo Mungu post

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