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Pia Mia – Bitter Love

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rides out with an emotional pop single, “Bitter Love”

‘Bitter Love’ by Pia Mia (@PrincessPiaMia) is about exploring the heartache of a complicated but addictive relationship over a sparkling, piano-driven melody.

Author Anna Todd (creator of the After novels), selected Pia as the actress for the role of Tristan in the upcoming movie After.

Pia had created the song before even being casted in the movie and as filming progressed, Pia showed Todd the song and Todd fell in love with it and put it on the soundtrack for the movie.

It is said to be the song playing in the final scene and leading into the credits of the movie. Todd says it expresses the relationship of the main characters, Hardin and Tessa, “like it was made for them”.

Quotable Lyrics:

I wanna run
But baby, I drink you up
‘Cause I need it, want it
Can’t get enough of this bitter love
I’m paralyzed
You give me the sweetest high
‘Cause I need it, want it
Can’t get enough of this bitter love



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